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Thailand Elephant Adventure Tour

Defining Your Experience…

February 2013

Spend three days and nights on a private elephant sanctuary with over 200 acres to explore. You’ll get intimate with the elephants, all of which have been rescued and can now live out their lives without fear of poaching.

Thailand ElephantsOur adventure begins in the magnificent city of Bangkok with shopping on Khoa San Road, one of Bangkok’s prominent shopping areas.  Khoa San Road is known for the many travelers from around the world coming to shop and enjoy the limitless activities at all hours of the day and night.  We stay in a guest house that is nestled just off the busy street of Khoa San Road and behind Wat Chana (Thai Temples are called Wat).  The guest house has an open air restaurant with local and American food, a travel agency and a small quiet garden area for meditation and taking time to acclimate to your new surroundings.  There is plenty to see, smell and hear just sitting at a restaurant watching, but if you feel like shopping or stopping in to get a Thai massage, well, let’s just say you’re in paradise!

The next morning after we leisurely enjoy our breakfast, we take a tour of the magnificent Grand Royal Palace.  Following the Grand Palace Tour, we take a scenic boat ride along the Chao Praya River.  That evening we sleep on the mystical night train to the northern city of Sukhothai.  The train will make many stops throughout the evening and next morning allowing you to take in the small villages along the lush green Thai countryside.  In Sukhothai we will explore the ancient ruins and have many amazing photo opportunities.  There is amazing history, architecture and ancient statues of Buddha to meander through and enjoy.  A short distance from Sukhothai, we’ll arrive at the elephant sanctuary.  At the elephant preserve we’ll spend our days interacting with the elephants on private land with over 200 acres to explore. You’ll have time to become personal with the elephants, all of which have been rescued and brought here to live out their lives with enough food and no fear of poaching.  We’ll have the opportunity to bathe, feed and gather food for them.  They are playful, kind and very sweet.  We will stay here for 3 or more nights depending on each individual group.

After the sanctuary, we travel on to Chiang Mai for the famous Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market.  It is always an exciting experience and only on Sunday nights.  Chiang Mai offers some of the most amazing textiles and hill tribe silver in Thailand.  Following the night market, we are on to the sandy beaches of the Island of Koh Samui for some maxing and relaxing.  In Koh Samui there are no scheduled activities.  You are welcome to spend your time as you like.  There are waterfalls, bike riding, horseback riding, zip lining, island hopping, snorkeling and many other things to do.  However, if you would like to lay pool and ocean side, there is plenty of that as well.  This is the trip for elephant and beach lovers!

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