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****I closed the boutique  in January of 2013 and took my passions to work at Luna Claire Clothing.  I am now working towards a more lucrative online business and travel tours.  Hope to see you soon!!  Linette*****

A clothes connoisseur, it was only natural that Linette would expand her offerings from designing and selling jewelry to offering a complementary clothing line. Lyons-based Experience Boutique was born in 2005.

“I wanted to offer women the opportunity to explore their adventurous side by giving them unique clothing they wouldn’t find elsewhere,” she says. “I only buy clothes from small business owners, who have a exclusive niche and who offer something different from what you will find in Target or JC Penney’s.  As well, I really listen to what my customers want, and I try to find clothing to reflect their eclectic needs.”

Linette currently sells Luna Claire © clothing, a company out of Boulder, Colorado.


Luna Claire’s vibrant, colorful designs are designed for the fun, unique woman looking to dress in clothes expressing her personality. The original, free-spirited designs are perfect for a woman trying to dress in something different.

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Luna Claire has been designing gorgeous, women’s apparel since 2001.

They began by selling their clothes at outdoor music and art festivals throughout the Colorado area. Women immediately loved their colorful patterns, and their flowy moveable styles.

All their pieces are original and perfected for the average woman looking to dress in clothes that express her mood and personality. Luna Claire’s clothes are made from high-quality fabrics, made to last. They have everything from the elegant to the casual. Every woman is bound to find a style that is perfect for her.

View some of the current clothing in the Boutique by clicking here or clicking on the menu to the left. Come in to the store to see the full collection.


At Experience Boutique we showcase the work of more than 15 different local painters, jewelers, photographers, and other artists. These artists are our friends and community members, and so we know their individual stories. Take home a piece of their art, and you are taking home a small reminder of your visit to Lyons, Colorado.

Some of the art we currently have on displace includes:

  • Satellite images of the world by Jim Rose
  • Oil paintings by Laurie Maves
  • Inspirational Photos of Thailand by Peggy Dyer
  • Bright, colorful Mixed Media pieces by Druscilla Dowding
  • Customized Guitars done with paint, collage, and spirit, by Kahlie Sue Pinello


View some of the current art at the Boutique by clicking here, or by clicking on the menu to the left.


Being a daughter of an avid antiquer, and her, the daughter of the same, gives DeSano an appreciation for that which is old.  For Antiques.  Things that hold and show history.   A story.   At Experience Boutique,  you will find treasures from Ithaka Antiques, as well as random pieces found by DeSano herself, and a few locals who are cleaning out their families treasures.   Come and have a look.

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